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How Dandelions Can Inspire Your Marketing: An Easy Content Framework

May 30, 2023 Emily Aborn
Content with Character
How Dandelions Can Inspire Your Marketing: An Easy Content Framework
Show Notes

In this episode, I talk about Dandelions and what they have to do with your marketing.

We're actually going to get a little bit into gardening too,  but we’re going to start with Dandelions. My logo for my business (designed by Lindsay Taylor Brand Designer of Taylored Image) is a dandelion. 

Dandelions have a lot of whimsical memories and meanings for me personally and we can channel their energy, as it relates to our marketing, messaging, and our business' impact spreading far and wide! 

Dandelions, like wildfire, are representative of how our unique voices and messages can SPREAD and flourish! 

This easy content framework will help you create a simple plan and help prevent you from making one of the biggest mistakes I see when it comes to people’s content. 

I get into: 

  • Why we should have a little more R-E-S-P-E-C-T when it comes to Dandelions as a flower 
  • A simple content strategy that will help your content garden flourish
  • How to consider your foundational content 
  • How to consider your helpful content 
  • How to consider your personal and inspirational content 
  • How to consider your promotional content 
  • Giving clear calls to action in a way that's uniquely YOU
  • A reminder of why we need to share promotional content 
  • A mistake I see many entrepreneurs make with their content and its impact
  • A month's worth of content ideas 
  • And an easy action step to get you started 

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