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What Does it Mean to Show Up?

July 18, 2023 Emily Aborn
Content with Character
What Does it Mean to Show Up?
Show Notes

Visibility! It's what this podcast is all about, it's about being seen, seeing YOURSELF, showing up, and it’s a gift... AND it’s not without its challenges. 

What you do in your business visibility-wise is an ongoing process and evolution. How you choose to show up and get your message out there, be seen, and create a connection is a constant work in progress. 

I think you learn a lot about your business and propel yourself forward as an entrepreneur AND I think you learn a lot about yourself (and others) and grow as a human and individual when you decide to get visible and show up. 

Over the past seven years, I’ve experimented in my own business in so many ways with visibility and connecting with others and lived to tell about it. In this episode, I'm sharing five lessons learned along the way and a hefty dose of inspiration for your own visibility journey:

  • What showing up and visibility means to me
  • Visibility takes time and experimentation
  • You surprise yourself (and others surprise you) when you decide to get visible 
  • Visibility is a two-way street
  • You'll have some hits and misses 
  • When you decide to get visible... you're more visible. 

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