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Three Reasons Your Social Media Might Not Be "Working" (and what to do about it!)

August 01, 2023 Emily Aborn
Content with Character
Three Reasons Your Social Media Might Not Be "Working" (and what to do about it!)
Show Notes

What does it look like when your social media is "working" for you?

The social media deck isn't always stacked in our favor, and it can feel harder than ever to be "successful" on social media. 

In this week's episode, I'll help us put more reasonable expectations on social media as we look at three reasons it might not be working, and some tweaks to make. 

Plus, I'll be giving you three ideas for building your business off of social media too! 

In this episode: 

  • A question to determine what your social media "working" really means to you - how to set a more reasonable expectation for it
  • Three reasons your social media might not working for you 
  • What to consider around your content and messaging 
  • Some simple tweaks to make around mindset, time, and energy in social media 
  • Three ways to start building your business off social media 
  • And lots of friendly reminders and nudges along the way! 

Links Mentioned in the Episode 
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Last week's Content with Character Episode: Which Social Media Platform is Right for Your Business? 

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