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How to Write About Yourself: Bio-Building Made FUN!

August 15, 2023 Emily Aborn
Content with Character
How to Write About Yourself: Bio-Building Made FUN!
Show Notes

So you need to write about yourself? 

Maybe you’re a guest speaker or going to be on someone’s podcast? 

Maybe you’re working on your About page or a profile for an organization you're part of? 

Perhaps you're refreshing your LinkedIn because #SpringCleaninginAugustAnyone?

How do you convey WHO you are WHAT you offer and what sets you apart in a concise and memorable way? 

How do you write about YOURSELF? 

This episode will help you do just that! 

In this episode, I get into FIVE questions to ask when writing about yourself, and some tips to pull it all together into a bio that shines and connects with the person on the other side. 

I share: 

  • Why you might need to write about yourself
  • When you might need to write about yourself 
  • How to write about yourself by diving into FIVE important questions 
  • How to create a MAGIC list that is YOU 
  • Tips to weave together a bio and share it in different formats
  • Some quotes on the power of specificity in who you're speaking to and how

Links and Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

My Done-for-You Bio Spruce-Up Service

Julie Eason's Book "The Five Author Freakouts" 

My FREE BIO-BUILDER Download - Please don't judge me on the primitive nature of this download. It's a work in progress and I wanted to get it to you in time for this week's episode so you can start moving and shaking right away. See last week's episode on why we sometimes just need to take FAST action

About the Host:

Emily Aborn is an organized, responsive, and honest content copywriter who works to save entrepreneurs around the world from Death By Blinking Cursor and keyboard-induced headaches. She writes website copy, blogs, social media content banks, and the content you need to show off the true blue human you are and attract the clients you love working with most.  She's a podcast host of Content with Character and She Built This, and daily strives to earn the title of world's best auntie and dog mom.

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