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Speaking and Podcast Guesting for Increased Visibility (Risky Business Series: Part 5) 😱

October 31, 2023 Emily Aborn
Content with Character
Speaking and Podcast Guesting for Increased Visibility (Risky Business Series: Part 5) 😱
Show Notes

For up to 75% of the population,  public speaking is their greatest fear. For some, it's even more scary than death itself!

Stage and large audiences aside, this fear can even creep in with podcast guesting, showing up in your own video content, and more. In this episode, we're headed into the haunted house of speaking and giving you tips on how to get started with more confidence, why to consider it as a tool for your business visibility,  how to find the ever-elusive speaking opportunities, and more!

In the episode: 

  • How speaking be beneficial for us as business owners as we increase our visibility, develop our thought leadership, and find our voices
  • What constitutes "speaking"? 
  • Why speaking is a great way to create connection and infuse storytelling
  • How to find the ever-elusive speaking engagements you crave (from podcasting to stages!) 
  • Tips on pitching 
  • Tips for overcoming nervousness when speaking 
  • Speaking is not just another appointment in your calendar 
  • And more! 

Podcast Collaboration Group (paid membership)
Podcast Guest Collaboration Group on FB (free version of above)
Pod Match
Innovation Women*
CWE, SBDC, SCORE (NH & VT Chapters)
Content with Character Episode: How to Pitch Like a Human
Linda Ugelow Book: Delight in the Limelight, Linda Ugelow TikTok (speaker confidence tips)
Linda Ugelow She Built This Podcast Episode: Delighting in the Limelight
More Show Notes! 

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