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Business Climate Control: Setting the Temp, Tempo, and Duration

January 30, 2024 Emily Aborn
Content with Character
Business Climate Control: Setting the Temp, Tempo, and Duration
Show Notes

Are you in charge of your business' thermostat? Or is someone else that isn't even IN IT in charge of adjusting it from an app far far away? 

We choose the temperature, pick the tempo, and choose our duration.  

You don’t have to sprint just because someone next to you is running a sprint. You don’t have to choose a marathon, you can walk, you can run - you can even push a baby carriage and walk your dog! 

In this episode, we'll take it from analogy to reality and give you some tangibles as to how that looks to choose the tempo and the temperature in your marketing and business. 

In this week's episode: 

  • A few quick thoughts on Chat GPT do's/don'ts
  • What temperature looks like in your marketing and visibility and how to choose yours 
  • How to pick a tempo/intensity that feels right to you 
  • Choosing a duration, and re-evaluating it at any time 
  • And more! 

Links Mentioned:
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