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Your Business Called! It told me to pass along this message

March 05, 2024 Emily Aborn
Content with Character
Your Business Called! It told me to pass along this message
Show Notes

This week's episode might be slightly different from what you're used to here on the Content with Character podcast. I'm kicking off the month of March 2024 with an inspiration-based/storytelling episode.

There are also ((of course)) a hefty amount of tangibles, actionables, and practicals so you can apply it for yourself!

Today's episode is about finding the sweet spot of immersion in your business and time away, so you can come back with increased focus, productivity, creativity, and excitement!

I provide you with: 

  • Benefits of exploring more of life outside of business
  • Ideas on how to have TRUE fun ((vs. what we may think is "fun"))
  • Questions you can ask yourself around how much content you need to be creating and want to be creating right now in your business 
  • And a little peek behind-the-scenes at what I'm focusing on the first 100 days of 2024 ((and how it's going for me)) 

Key Takeaways:
There’s a lot more to life and to you than being a business owner. Finding time to explore other areas of curiosity, and interest, and seeking enjoyment is a necessity. 

There will always be more to do, but the question is how much is enough for me, right now? 

The online entrepreneurial space is noisy and loud. You may feel that you need to keep on doing more, keep adding, keep inventing, creating, and amassing in various ways. 

You may not need to be creating as much as you think you do. Or doing as much as you are. 

We don’t always need to be chasing, striving, crushing it, hustling, and creating. 

You can start exploring all of this in small ways for yourself and approach the consistencies you choose with curiosity instead of a "should do" and "have to" attitude. 

Resources Mentioned:

  1. Catherine Price's book: The Power of Fun: How to Feel Alive Again 
  2. Alesia Galati's Episode on Listeners to Leads: Where to Look for Podcast Charts, Ranking, and More
  3. Article: The History of Marketing dating it back to 1500 BCE
  4. Content with Character Podcast Episode: What Season of Business are You In? 

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